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"This course is a lifesaver. There are so many helpful tips. I feel ready and excited for birth!" - Ruby C.

"What I really appreciate about this course is that it is so practical and direct about giving advice. The other birth course I watched was so slow paced and had a lot of personal stories that didn't have a lot to do with my own experience. I really appreciate how equipped for labor I am now." - Daniella D. 

"I really appreciate how Suzzie breaks down and explains everything. This is exactly what I need!" -Tiffany L. 

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Birth Undone

The path to undoing pain, risk and fear to leave you with the peaceful calm birth you are made for. 
  • ​Discover why your body is built to birth and why you can trust it to birth the baby you grew. 
  • ​Learn how you can decrease the amount of pain you will feel during labor before it even begins.
  • ​Nutrition that will support your pregnancy and make your birth safer. 
  •  Exercises to restore the flexibility and balance to your pelvis, reduce your risk of tearing and optimally align your baby for birth. 
  • ​Everything you need to know about getting through delivery day, from recognizing and timing contractions to when to call who and when to to go in. 
  • Pain coping skills that will get your through labor with or without an epidrual. 
  • ​A dad's guide to becoming the best birth partner ever. 
  • ​BONUS: 10 hypnosis and meditation tracks to help you relax through even the most intense contractions.
  • BONUS: 1 year membership to our facebook community full of other moms preparing for birth at the same time as you. 
  • ​BONUS: Awesome giveaways for baby gear you actually need. You are entered when you practice and share the things you learn in class. 
  • ​Secret Surprises You'll See Only After You Buy The Course

What Is It Like Working With Suzzie? 

Eliminate the fear around your birth today. 

Unfortunately, we've seen critical information left out of too many childbirth courses. We can help. 

Here's How It Works: 

1. Enroll in the course. 

Complete the simple form at the top of the page and you will be granted immediate access to all the course material and online community. 

2. Learn everything you need for a positive birth. 

Watch the videos and do the activities in order and you will learn everything you need to have the safest, healthiest birth possible for you. 

3. Expect noticeable results. 

Whether it's watching your fear and apprehension about birth dissolve or feeling healthier and more comfortable in pregnancy. You will see yourself growing more and more ready for birth every day. 

You deserve to love your birth. 

Create Your Family's Beautiful Beginning 

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