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  • Evidence Based And Non-Judgemental Guidance
  • Have Fun And Build Friendships

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Preparing for birth is simple and easy with childbirth education from She Births Bravely. 

Leave Your Worries Behind

We've seen it all

Meeting your baby is one of the most important events in your life - but it doesn't always seem easy to get there. If the process of birth feels overwhelming to you - you are not alone. 

Gathering the right tools and education means that your can feel calm, confident and create beautiful memories as you meet your baby. We've crafted a birth course that is fun, engaging and leaves you with everything you need to have a safe and positive birth experience. 

So Let's Create A Birth You Will Love. 

You Will Love It Here

And so will your partner! 

Fewer C-Sections 

Moms who take a childbirth course have lower risk of surgical births. They are also less likely to need other interventions and experience less pain throughout the birth process.

Convenient And Easy To Use  

Though you start with a group, you can access the course 24/7 online and connect with other moms in our private facebook group anytime. 

Higher Satisfaction 

When you take a childbirth course you are more likely to feel satisfied with your birth experience and less likely to feel trauma from it. 

Friendship And Fun

As you progress in the course and engage with other students, you can win amazing prizes such as baby carries and cute outfits for your baby. This is the funnest and most effective way to prepare for birth!

"I was so pleased with the help Suzzie gave me. I felt incredibly empowered going into birth and had the exact experience I wanted." 

- Elisa

Here's How We Help 

Understand The Process Of Birth From Start To Finish 

Develop Tools And Skills To Reduce And Cope With Pain

Focus On Prevention With Nutrition And Simple Exercises 

Empower Partners To Become Confident And Capable Support For You

The class is divided into 8 sections. On average moms and their birth partner will finish the course in 8 weeks, working through one section a week. But, you are free to jump ahead, to move slowly over months and go at your own pace. 

While we recommend beginning at the start of your second trimester, we've had moms successfully binge watch and complete the course in a weekend!

"Suzzie is a natural at teaching, empowering, and caring. We learned so much from her and also gained a friend. We would recommend her service to anyone we know!"

- Heather L

Here's How It Works 

Creating a positive birth is so simple...


Join The Class 

And receive instant access to all to courses and modules. 


Follow The Process 

We've created a complete path to making the simplest and most rewarding birth possible.


Enjoy Your Birth

Feel confident, capable as you move through labor and birth your baby. 

Start Your Journey To A Healthy And Positive Birth Today! 

Make sure you don't miss the enrollment period! Save your spot by getting on our waitlist today. 

Class will cost $197. Due at time of enrollment. 

" I could not have had the amazing labor experience I had without this!"

- Nicole S.

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